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Eco-friendly Wearable Art and Original Artwork in Taos NM by Zandi Designs
(575) 751-1882
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Eye Candy Venus Vest Pose
Price: $300.00
Wash and wear, no ironing, fabulous fun clothing made from antique recycled Indian saris.

Eye Candy Venus Vest-1
Price: $300.00
Orange with Gold sequins/embroidered stars

Eye Candy Venus Vest-2GR
Price: $300.00
Gold sequins/embroidery on rust & gold background.

Eye Candy Venus Vest-3B
Price: $300.00
Silver sequins/embroidery on blue fabric.

Eye Candy Venus Vest-HPG4
Price: $300.00
Gold embroidery with sequins and small pearl-like beads.

Eye Candy Venus Vest-HP5
Price: $300.00
Gold embroidery & sequins on rose/pink fabric.

Eye Candy Venus Vest-HP6
Price: $300.00
Rose Pink fabric with gold embroidery, sequins, blue beads.

Eye Candy Venus Vest-HP7
Price: $300.00
Gold sequins/embroidery-features beautiful sun-burst design on hot pink fabric.

Eye Candy Venus Vest-HP8
Price: $300.00
Gold sequins with gold, pink, white diamond-lozenge embroidery on turquoise/pink fabric.

Eye Candy Jewel Vest-1
Price: $285.00
Gold sequins/embroidery-unique two-tone peach and turquoise fabric. Mandarin collar. (*pin extra $7)

Eye Candy Jewel Vest-2
Price: $285.00
Soft purple (nylon) fabric with blue, green & purple embroidery. Sized best for M to L.

Eye Candy Jewel Vest-3
Price: $285.00
Luscious opulence of gold embroidery on hot pink fabric, with mandarin collar you can pin closed.

Eye Candy Bolero-Red
Price: $280.00
Dazzling red crop jacket with beautiful gold embroidery...great with pants or dresses.

Eye Candy Bolero-Hot Pink
Price: $280.00
Dazzling gold embroidery featuring lozenges/flowers on hot pink fabric. *pin extra $7*

Eye Candy Bolero-Butterflies
Price: $280.00
Beautiful sunburst and butterflies embroidered on hot pink fabric. *pin extra $7*

Eye Candy Bolero- Pink/Turquoise
Price: $280.00
Striking turquoise trim with white embroidered diamond-shaped lozenges on front of pink fabric.

Eye Candy Top & Pants-CH
Price: $600.00
Beautiful separate or together--sparkle in planet-friendly, recycled nylon Indian sari fabric.

Eye Candy Skirt & Top-EP
Price: $600.00
Sparkle in planet-friendly, recycled antique Indian nylon sari fabric.

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