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Zandi Designs - Original and Exotic Women's Fashion
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People Are Talking About Me

"From time to time one is fortunate enough to meet a rare talent in this industry..."
- Peter Tredwin, Fashion Consultant/ Lecturer, F.I.D.M
(Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising)

"I receive so many compliments when I wear your clothes. Strangers stop me on the street to admire them. I feel magical in them, like they bring out a part of me long hidden. A few of my friends of different sizes have tried on the clothes, and they work for just about everyone beautifully. I call them my goddess clothes, because that's how they make me feel. Take care, and keep making magick with your needle!"
- Eliza of Oregon

Clients often become friends!
My dear friend Serena joined me on a trip to Timbuktu in 2001, as I explored the globe finding new fabrics.

"We had parked for lunch at the Trading Post Cafe. As I walked by GALLERY NOMAD, I saw it displayed in the window. It was green and it was magical. While we enjoyed our lunch and fun conversation, my mind kept wandering back to the green magic vest in the window, would it still be there? My mind was in a daze. Finally, lunch was over and I walked back to the car. As I approached the window, my heart beat faster and faster. It was still there: green, bejeweled, and waiting for ME. A rational moment came over me, where would I ever wear an ephemeral green vest? My passionate side quickly calmed the rational notion. I had to have it, I could wear it to gallery openings, I could make love in it. There were hundreds of possible uses. I could wear it to my 40th high school reunion!!!! I did, and I was the ONLY one there wearing a magic green vest from GALLERY NOMAD."
- Patty Day

"My daughter bought me a beautiful scarf for Christmas from Zandi's Designs at Gallery Nomad. It is absolutely exquisite and adds a touch of elegance and regalness to anything I wear it with. I love it! "
- Jeanne Johnson

Goddesses Don't Iron!
Appeared in the Taos News November, 2000.

Under Sheltering Style
This article also appeared in the Taos News in June 2001.

Santa Fean Magazine Feature
This Venus vest modeled by Marya Beauvais,
appeared in the fashion section of
Santa Fean Magazine, May, 2002

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